Description: Enjoy an upbeat grooving party atmosphere song with a world fusion flavor. Features an array of exotic eastern instruments as well as traditional western sounds like the shehnai oboe trading phrases with the chinese erhu as the bass and drums keep it tight. Good music for diverse multimedia projects, Vocal Samples, World Fusion, Pan-World Fusion

Description: A big production exotic middle eastern asian ambient chill out fusion track featuring a wide range of world instruments from synth koto to sitar to santoor with indian and chinese percussion as well as violin, and cello. Nice background music for radio, tv, film, lounge, restaurant, shopping malls,, Instrumental, World Fusion, Pan-World Fusion

Description: Revel in the joyous fun of a general ethnic folk dance: great for parties and group entertainment special occasions. An infectious melody is played on a harmon muted trumpet and bright flute as the middle eastern percussion, acoustic piano, and upright bass lay down the groove For all media projects

Description: A soothing, moving, and intense Asian piece, featuring asian percussion, chinese ruan moon guitar, di zi flute, and chinese zither. Great background music for cooking shows, travel, corporations, malls, tv, film, advertisements, web sites, yoga collections, or mediation compilations.

Description: Easy gong medium upbeat happy and charming simple latin flavored track. Plenty of fun bongoes shakers and world drum elements carry the music along with the guitar and bass. Useful track for transitions or underscoring a film or video for background music for a beach party scene or holiday adventure

Description: Enchanting ethnic flute song with an electronica beat, rich electric guitar solo with ambient synths giving a flavor of the exotic and mysterious. Versatile world track, for travel documentaries, native American, Middle East, Asia cultures. Gives a feeling of interconnectedness and spirituality. Instrumental, World Fusion, Pan-World Fusion

Description: A colorful, joyous, and elegant global track that borrows elements from various styles and genres to create a happy flowing atmosphere. A native Indian wooden flute takes the lead supported by African percussion, electric bass and electric guitar. Nice theme for media projects local or international.

Description: A festive and ceremonial synth driven fanfare with wall of sound stylings as you might hear in bollywood cinema or hollywood production. Lush keyboard sounds, a solid electric bass groove, and percussion are featured along with wild happy flourishes and the soaring main theme melody in its heraldry.

Description: Powerful and exotic mid-eastern Indian raga featuring sitar, bansuri flute, and percussion.