Description: A very relaxing track with emotional and mental well being in mind when I created this. It is led by piano and nature as background instrumentation such as babbling brooks, birds, wind chimes, etc.

Description: Mid-tempo Reggae groove, with a healthy infusion of R&B/Soul/Jazz might hear a little George Benson influence in the rhythm guitar.

Description: uplifting, positive, free, playful, ethnic, brazilian drums

Description: Meditative Native American song for meditation, massage, sleep, spirituality, relaxation, yoga and peace

Description: Close your eyes and dream discovery chanel will like it Let s try my music on your projects or films and your productions will be great Crafted with care many possibilities of edition 120 BPM cut on seconds Never boring with endless loops always something new in the music Best quality mastered sound original music by french professional composer

Description: tango style with a satiric element (like from argentina but skewed with the dark side).

Description: Grand, expansive, calming, pastoral, plaintive but welcoming, TV theme, Movies, Landscapes, Wildlife, Documentaries, Corporate, African, atmosphere.

Description: A Flamenco Spanish inspired melody that starts with an ethereal bed, before a deep Jazzy improvisation is taken over by Ray Charles Trumpet Soloist David Hoffman.