Description: A light dumbek groove leads to atmospheric drones and solo sitar creating a dreamy and peaceful mood depicting a sultry belly dance scene.

Description: Warm and breezy with melodic electric guitar, marimba, steel drums and organ create an island scene.

Description: Upbeat and playful with a driving Calypso beat, steel drums and light percussion depict a beach party scene.

Description: Light and gentle with a laidback bouncy Island feel creating a carefree mood.

Description: exotic and ethnic feel with sound effects

Description: Upbeat ethnic driven fast paced track, combining authentic wood and metal instruments over a rythmic and purcussive core. It has a driving mood, and a sense of urgent progression.

Description: world, mexican, acoustic guitar, gypsy like, brass lines, hand claps and percussion, light and fun, timbales

Description: Try to stop your hips from moving and your toes from tapping when this infectious salsa starts to play. This short and simple loop is great for background music for television or games and is sure to get the listener feeling a little bit of that sweet and saucy Latin romance.

Description: :30 upbeat jungle rhythms and sounds with a definite end.

Description: A loop comprising percussion, fretless bass and delay marimba - 120bpm 24sec