Description: This piece has ethnic elements from around the world making it ideal for use in presentations that unite humanity or that concern meaningful and everlasting issues. The tone of this piece is humble but not quite pleading. The melody in the violin floats a.

Description: This piece has a Hawaiian flavor and is intended for presentations that take one back to lazy shores or to exotic vacations. It also brings to mind gentle breezes and a relaxing atmosphere.

Description: This piece can be associated with a relaxing, lazy and perhaps hot day. It can also work in presentations involving travel and vacation planning.

Description: This piece is a mixture between a techno beat and an Arabic sound. It is ideal for presentations that require an energetic and ethnic sound or that need to unite people or ideas from around the world. This piece also goes well with any presentation that t.

Description: This piece has a funky rhythm with a Latin flavor. The horns and piano give motion and sensuality to it making it ideal for a range of presentations that involve, style, creativity, a bit of humor and image. Cartoon animations may work very well with this.

Description: This piece has a mambo sound to it. It brings to mind a talented couple playing out a forbidden, sensual dance. The piece is ideal for cartoon animation or any presentation that needs a somewhat upbeat and humorous sound.

Description: This piece is influenced by the Andes and has traditional Bolivian elements. The whole sound and rhythm of the piece is full of life and sensuality. The piece is ideal for almost any presentation that requires a nice, flowing sound with a beat for all age.

Description: This piece is influenced by Indian and Arabic music and brings images of adventure films where the plot takes place in a far-away land. Presentations that involve adventure, mystery, risk-taking, heroism, and foreign lands would work well with this piece.

Description: This sound has some Latin and Caribbean elements to it. It can be associated with having a good time, celebrating and vacationing. Images of people around the pool listening to a Caribbean band come to mind when listening to this piece.

Description: This piece contains Hawaiian, African and Caribbean elements and can be used in any presentation that requires a world flavor without pointing to any particular country or style. It also works in any other light-hearted atmosphere.