Description: This piece is very eccentric, and you can find in it a real fusion of different styles and even epochs!

Description: A meditative folk composition played old ethnic instruments gusli (psaltery) and sopilka (kind of flute).

Description: This is a musical version of a Russian counting-out rhyme: "Raz, dva, tree, chetyre, pjat', vyshel zajchik poguljat'..."("One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, the Hare got out from a heaven…" - my free translation into English). I play all instruments myself on the recording. Fit for using as incidental or illustrative

Description: This is a musical illustration for scene of some unserious and funny rural scuffle. I used here a scythe as a percussion instrument and two balalaika’s to add a russian ethnic flavour to this thing.

Description: This funny energetic thing’s been written in the intentionally patriotic, "revolutionary" manner. You can use it as music accompaniment of droll marching or "resolute" procession scenes in films, video, reels or performances.