Description: Atmospheric, punchy, upbeat and positive music. A fusion of western music with middle eastern influences featuring an Oud. Ideal for corporate videos. Mainly instrumental music but has a few discreet background vocals (no lyrics). Percussion, strings, synthesisers, Arabic, UAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Oud, Guitar, Orchestra, Orchestral, Synth.

Description: Fast moving track with steel drums, backed up with rhythm and melody. Great to dance along to.

Description: A mystic beautiful background track with flute, drone sounds and some percussion. Close your eyes and let it take you thru the desert.

Description: Music from the desert mixed with modern sounds, with Arabic flutes and a groovy background track.

Description: Sanza instrument playing over a drone sound. With a dark horizon, who knows what lurks in the savanna at night. Will also work great with any wildlife footage, or maybe just background music for your safari trip.

Description: Didgeridoo and stick sounds over drone bass that creates an ancient and mysterious sounding environment. Inspired by the music from the deserts of Australia.

Description: Indian influenced pop music with singing samples, flutes and sitars over a groovy background track.

Description: A fast paced, beautiful and smoothly moving bollywood style track with tabla drumming, indian percussion, shehnai oboe, upright bass, and various keyboard synthesizers. The bright melodic opening leads to a deep pensive middle section featuring a sitar solo. Useful music for global media projects

Description: (swing jazz) grand piano, sax, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, ukulele and drums. happy go lucky, humorous, likable, friendly, easy going tune, just like the pup it was named for!

Description: A wistful and hopeful waltz with piano, guitar, electric piano, drums with brushes and bass.