Description: Ambient, atmospheric African/Jungle style track with cool percussion, guitar and pipes.

Description: Groovy African track with cool percussion, guitar, pipes and horns.

Description: Indian style track with modern authentic instrumentation. Mysterious feel.

Description: Authentic Chinese ambiance - world music featuring Chinese flutes and other ethnic Chinese instruments.

Description: Authentic Arabia / Far East ethnic world music - experience the magical world of the Arabian desert.

Description: Happy instrumental greek song. With traditional instrument - bouzouki, percussion and guitars. Welcome to Greece :) Have fun!

Description: This is an inspirational and motivating corporate music track. Great for corporate projects and videos, broadcast production and commercials. Uplifting and hopeful melodies and harmonies that bring hope and inspiration to the listener.

Description: Here's a electronic reggae backing track that's full of bounce and energy. It's bright, lively, and a has a quirky feel to it that's a no mistaking it tropical fun! Grab you Daiquiri, congas, and sunscreen and head for some island beach fun! 100 beats per minute and edited for seamless looping.

Description: A deep and mysterious trippy minor key sonic ride filled with middle eastern flavors. Features brilliant ethnic female vocals, sitar, modern percussion, deep heavy bass. Broadcast ready for travel or lounging industries or as background music for tv, film, video, in house, corporate, and education