Description: An African cinematic theme with a positive, peaceful and happy vibe where it draws a picture of a natural and spiritual Africa. With its traditional instruments and orchestra on the background this is ideal for film or documentary.

Description: Live Spanish guitar, castanets and clapping create a positive dynamic mood.

Description: Become the Last One Standing hero in the whole Universe with this fantastic and emotional space track. Fly through the Solar system, look for other survivals, ride on the rings of Saturn and dream.

Description: Toi viet len day voi tat ca chan thanh caa lang tai trao anh. Ngay nao da quen nhau, vi chung huong doi, minh trot trao nhau nu cuoi Va tinh yeu do, toi dem ep trong tim,

Description: Nghe tieng dan ai rao sau cau Nhu song lai hon Cao Van Lau Ve Bac Lieu danh tieng on lai giac ngu vang son Mot thoi de nho ngay do xa roi

Description: Anh den que em noi day co dong song Cau Du ngay hoi liem anh da hua khi xua Vuot bao deo cao bao suoi xau Nang mua gio suong anh khong ngai ....

Description: Que huong la chum khe ngot Cho con treo hai moi ngay Que huong la duong di hdc Con ve rop buom vang bay Que huong la con dieu biec ....

Description: Buoc chan lang tham ve tren con phe khuya vang em Tieng yeu thuong ngay nao con vang mai trong ki uc dau thuong Nha hom nao minh cung nhau chung buoc di De bay gio mot minh anh lac loi xua

Description: Beautiful violin sets the mood around the track! The track turned out as always magical and mysterious, in the tradition of instrumental music fantasy, which I represent! track perfectly fit a computer game, the historical story or cartoon. Enjoy!

Description: Live violin, what could be better! I present to you a unique track, where I used a violin, which is over a hundred years! It is a magical instrumental track! executed in the best traditions of Irish music! buy and enjoy!