Description: Upbeat African celebration song featuring plenty of percussion, real tribal chanting from the Maasai people who reside in east Africa. Fusion elements like a hybrid mallet instrument and a morphing synth are melding into the track giving the music a modern sound. Great for ethnic multimedia projects, Mixed Vocals, World Fusion, African World Fusion

Description: An upbeat, yet reflective song with a Hawaiian, calypso, tropical vibe. The simple and effective instrumentation of ukelele, dulcimer, and sparse island percussion make this fun and thoughtful piece perfect for corporate commercials, indie films, vacation videos, movie, tv radio, background music.

Description: Optimistic world music for your project

Description: Fun happy china music for children games and funny videos.

Description: Ethnic african music groove using traditional african instruments and vocals. In mix used forest reverb and for mastering modern technology.

Description: A perfect track for epic 'Brave Heart' scenes. Celtic Irish flutes, pounding percussion,s majestic horns supported by full orchestra.

Description: This composition will take you into the vast expanses of Africa, in her mysterious and also very beautiful world with my life, mystery and secrets. In this track used a perfect combination of synths, electronica and African folk instruments. Is perfect for normal listening and more use (presentations, screensavers, etc.)

Description: Lively and dramatic, full bodied and colourful Flamenco dance, characteristic of Southern Spain. Think Matador at a bullfight - a real intense flavour of Spain. Features trumpet, flamenco guitars, flamenco fx, castinets & hand claps. Main mix, underscore & 2 x 30sec versions. Instrumental, Latin, Flamenco

Description: An exotic and dramatic middle eastern fusion track featuring sultry female vocals, a full Arabian string section, eastern percussion and sitar. Uplifting, optimistic bathed in an airy of intrigue and mystery. Perfect for bollywood style productions, video background music, indigenous dance scenes. Female Vocals, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion

Description: Solo middle-eastern drums playing various rhythms and culminating in a climatic ending.