Description: A tranquil meditation/yoga style track with beautiful percussion, flute and veena.

Description: A relaxing and slow moving World track with cool drum loops and sitar.

Description: A dark and mysterious African track with haunting percussion, koto, flute and sanza.

Description: action, sci-fi, dark flutes, acoustic guitar, building low string pads, eerie, suspense, sparse, tension, spooky

Description: A captivating rendition of Amazing Grace hauntingly performed on bagpipes with brass support.

Description: A cool African vocal hilights this tribal track. There is also goat flute and african guitar.

Description: A pretty accordion waltz with nice melodies and a smooth feel.

Description: A delightful vintage accordion track with tuba, brushes and acoustic guitar.

Description: A thumping Celtic track with Patriotic overtones featuring penny whistle and acoustic guitar.

Description: A beautiful choir track highlighted by a haunting soprano vocal.