Description: A happy theme featuring acoustic guitars and drums,ukulele and human whistling. Cheerful and light. Combination of these days increasingly popular sounds in marketing for any type of commercial that needs to convey idea of careefreeness, joy, happiness and general well being :)

Description: Romantic and melancholy duo of classical guitar and flute. Evocative of deep emotions and lost love, rainy autumns and unfulfilled hopes. It is in 3/4 meter although it is not a waltz.

Description: A classical acoustic guitar arrangement. Very evocative,somewhat sad but also mysterious and heroic. Big sound with just alittle reverberation to give it some spaciousness.

Description: A happy tune with that Caribbean feeling. Acoustic bass,ukulele,acoustic guitar,Latino drums and a bit of whistling all put together to make a catchy little song. Ideal for commercials and funny videos.

Description: An african feel, but with a touch of electronic contemporary

Description: Magical and rhythmical, afro but contemporary, with the touch of electronic music.

Description: Middle-eastern sounding, ambient instrumental with a bounce.

Description: Huasteco.wav. A dynamic, intense and orchestral huapango huasteco with a touch of baroque reminiscences.

Description: Authentic African rhythms with dramatic melodies and orchestration puts you right into the heart of the jungle. Perfect for outdoor adventure programs, hunting shows, animal shows, documentaries, commercial adverts, travel programs, Kwanza events and tourism promos. 60 seconds in length.

Description: Traditional Italian or Greek style waltz like something from The Godfather featuring mandolins and orchestral instruments. Great for travel programs, tourism promos, cooking shows, historical documentaries or anything needing that traditional romantic Mediterranean feel.