Description: A happy island track with a great groove featuring Steel drums.

Description: A beautiful island track featuring Steel Drums with great motion and a layed back vibe.

Description: african, world, scary, tension into dark pad with low percussion, eerie, suspense action, low strings, weird voice pattern

Description: A romantic Greek track with beautiful Bouzouki melodies supported with accordion and drums.

Description: An authentic Middle eastern track with hypnotic tablas under beautiful sitar and flute.

Description: A lovely world/new age track with flute, bafalon, tambura and hand percussion.

Description: A contemporary island track featuring Steel Drums with great energy and pace.

Description: A festive East Indian track with beautiful sitar, tablas, udu pots and drones.

Description: An energetic and serious Bollywood track with lightning fast Sitar, supported by cool drums and percussion, vocal samples and bass.

Description: An upbeat African track with nice vocal melodies supported by busy percussion, sanza, bass and flute.