Description: Cheerful and bright featuring accordion and electric guitar create a celebratory mood in the style of Zydeco.

Description: Building and bouncy with Indian world beat elements, sitar and a driving drum loop groove creates a determined mood.

Description: Mysterious and building featuring sitar and dumbek creating a driving and determined mood.

Description: Bouncy and cheerful Calypso music featuring steel drums and rhythmic percussion create a mood of celebration.

Description: A light Irish melody featuring solo Irish tin whistle and acoustic guitar creating a reflective and bright mood.

Description: Smooth and ethereal with atmospheric textures, light drum loops and melodic flute create an ambient and relaxing mood.

Description: Upbeat and bouncy with a synthetic sonority and an eclectic mix of world beat elements create a cheerful and happy mood.

Description: Light and gentle with a laidback bouncy Island feel creating a carefree mood.

Description: Upbeat and Bouncy in the style of Irish Celtic music featuring the tin whistle creating a determined mood.

Description: Upbeat and driving featuring acoustic guitar with Folk and Klezmer elements create a celebratory mood.