Description: Upbeat traditional scottish music featuring bagpipes and marching percussion. Think of the song British Grenadiers.

Description: Fast dancing beat Pop Indian, With Hindi vocals. Think of Slumdog Millionaire.

Description: Pop Indian, With Hindi vocals and piano riff. Gives a great sense of hope.

Description: An uptempo Middle Eastern track featuring traditional and authentic instrumentation with a somewhat dark and atmospheric vibe.

Description: Sad but hopeful Japanese instrumental with erhu, violin, koto, and taiko drums.

Description: Cosmopolitan Middle Eastern piece with some electronic elements. Percussion and belly dance beat give a sense of sensuality and mystery.

Description: Indian/Bollywood style music, with Hindi vocals lead and rock guitars

Description: Dub style reggae instrumental with atmospheric and chill mood driven by delayed piano melodies.

Description: RTV World and Ethereal. A bed of synth pads and strings create a warm, mellow feeling. Good for establishing shots and panoramic views.

Description: Downtempo, grooving Middle Eastern worldbeat track blending hip hop drums and live bass, with traditional sitar, flute, tanpura, and tablas.