Description: “African Day” is a world, African, ethnic and aborigine musical background, production music. It brings to mind images of African animals, earth nature, safari, savannah and wild nature. Happy, inspirational production music with bouncy marimba, emotional and catchy percussion drums. The major mood of a composition does its joyful and informative.

Description: India Style World Music with Sitar, Pluck Strings and Percussion

Description: Short but intense piece, akin to what you might have found in medieval Scandinavia. The Vikings ride again!

Description: Melding of world sounds in a call & response format. Starting with a sitar melody flowing into jazz rock romp with a wicked guitar lead into an Asian violin theme and to a piano melody. Fun, exciting, rhythmic, motivational track that can add the right touch to any media project, in house, adverts. Instrumental, World Fusion, Pan-World

Description: A summery,sunny & atmospheric backround tune.Perfect for commercials, advertising, presentations, slideshows and much more

Description: An Irish-style, atmospheric feel-good instrumental, with influences from Ireland and Scotland.Major uplifting. Perfect for the nature of the video, documentaries and games.

Description: Upbeat, lively French Jazz style track. Very catchy, friendly and happy tune that makes you want to tap along with your feet. Features acoustic guitars, walking double bass, brush drum kit and whistling. Perfect for light hearted radio and television commercials that want to raise a smile. 60sec and 30sec versions with or without whistling

Description: Cinematic world music, composed for a mix between folk and orchestral instruments. Very festive and animated mediterranean flavors.

Description: Emotional and dramatic world music. Middle east genre, ethnic and melancholic mood.

Description: Dynamic powerful and rhythmic sound. Very energetic Anatolia Oriental music. You can use it in any project like presentations, opening, video displays.