Description: Medieval composition which is perfect for movies and gaming

Description: Memories of Knight - composition in medieval style. It consists of two acoustic guitars with nylon strings.

Description: Composition in the Oriental style. Perfect for films, commercials or gaming.

Description: Beautiful ballad of Knight. Perfect for movies, commercials and games in the style of the Middle Ages.

Description: Solemn composition on the Clavicordio.

Description: It is a magical, medieval track recorded using live folk instruments. The track is more appropriate for computer games or programs about witches, gnomes, forest people)

Description: It is a magical medieval music. It is suitable for voice-video scene, cartoon or computer game. When recording a track using traditional European live instruments

Description: Light and bright acoustic song with ukulele, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar This tune could fit well corporate videos, animation, or TV commercials. Positive mood, catchy melody and swinging groove!

Description: Energetic atmospheric world fusion track with lots of oriental influences and instrumentation mixed with latin and pop elements. Ideal for travel documentaries, exotic products, fashion shows and everything that needs a passionate oriental background music flavour. Shorter Version without piano solo.