Description: Echoing flutes over a distant spooky drone, telling the story of our ancestors. Let the music lead you into the world of the Neanderthals that roamed the European forests for millennia.

Description: Atmospheric music with pan flutes and warm synth drones. Inspired by the world of the paramos (high mountain landscape) in the Andes mountain range.

Description: Beautiful and peaceful music inspired from the Mediterranean countries with piano, acoustic nylon guitar, harp and flute. Great for your spa or for a tranquil place.

Description: Flute from the desert lingering over a mysterious pad sound. Arabic musical scale with saharan influences.

Description: Sanza instrument playing over a drone sound. With a dark horizon, who knows what lurks in the savanna at night. Will also work great with any wildlife footage, or maybe just background music for your safari trip.

Description: Middle Eastern music with Oud instrument, distant drums, occasional orchestra and flute. Great for documentaries with a bit of dramatic touch.

Description: Middle Eastern/Persian inspired music with Santoor instrument, creating an ancient atmosphere. Magical and mystifying, the santoor takes you on a journey through time, where the spirits of the ancients linger. The angelic drone sound adds to the ethereal vibe and the beauty of the song.

Description: Recorded with Andean charango-string instrument and pan flutes to get that South American feel. Melancholic music with a typical folkloric chord progression.

Description: Going to the Caribbean perhaps? Well this tune will fit perfectly into your vacation video. Steel drums on top of a rhythmic track, great for holiday shows etc.

Description: African music with sanza, backed up by an ensemble. Joyful and fun, perfect for your safari vacation!