Description: Russian flavored pop music featuring a mix of traditional and modern instruments. Great for Russian or Eastern European programming. Exciting and exotic.

Description: This traditional Russian song is great is reminiscent of a Russian wedding or a Jewish Bar Mitzvah. This is a fun piece that evokes feelings of nastalgia and joy. Everyone that hears it wants to break out into a Russian dance.

Description: Great Middle Eastern Influenced sounding track that reflects the airy desert winds of that region. A strong cello opening passage and oboe, strings bass guitar and traditional percussion including cascading synths make for a lush sound. Documentaries, Cable News Features, T V Specials. Instrumental, Middle East, Bellydance Music

Description: Typical gypsy music, with a rich violin solo over driving gypsy rhythm guitars and double bass. Sounds like Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli (Hot Club de France). Suitable for Continental Café or street scenes, jazz club scenes, or wherever a Continental ambience needs to be reinforced.

Description: A soft, eastern melody played on ethnic woodwind. Slowly increasing orchestral backdrop. Mysterious and strangely inviting. Romantic and adventures. Feels like '1001 Nights', `Mummy' or other Arabian adventures. Crescendo towards the end.

Description: An instrumental acoustic piece influenced by my travels and musical endeavors in Peru. This track may be best described as a fusion between western folk music and Peruvian folk music since it uses familiar folk rhythms accompanied by the Peruvian stringed instrument the Charango as well as the Peruvian flute called the Quena.

Description: Blambangan was the name of ancient kingdom in east java. This track is made by the war story that annihilated the kingdom. Full tense rock, balinesse gamelan & big orchestra.

Description: Percussion only. Drumming music.

Description: Solo ethnic drum music. Turkey darbuka rhitm in this track with a straight bass drum.

Description: Sunny positive flamenco with acousic nylon guitars and percussions (cahon, shakers, claps, bongos, tabla) immerses to atmosphere of joy, love and sunny happy.