Description: Chinese Inspiration - track with positive energy. Music is based on a mood of eastern asia. Track has a inspirational positive and uplifting atmosphere. This track can be used anywhere - as a corporate motivational, inspirational mood, musical background for websites, in computer games, tv or radio, advertisement and commercials.

Description: World music track perfect for any medieval tavern or castle, filled with acoustic string instruments, toms and flutes.

Description: World music track perfect for any medieval tavern, castle or town, filled with acoustic string instruments, toms, violas, flutes and harps.

Description: Acoustic traditional music, composed for piano, guitar, mandolin, accordion and other classical instruments like violin and cello. The mood is very optimistic and happy. the rythm is very friendly and it's leaded by cajon. Good for reports and documentaries. Also for films in some kind of positive and optimistic scenes.

Description: Oriental/Asian drums accompanying a dark melody.

Description: 'Meditative Mantra' is a quiet and meditative music with peaceful, serene and warm feel, and also with minimal number of musical instruments (tanpura, sitar and accoustic guitar). This track can be used as smooth and gentle background music for meditations, nature scenes, yoga videos and audiobooks. Perfect for nature videos at an accelerated mode or slow motion, especially for videos with moving clouds.

Description: Seamless loop of a beautiful haunting Ukulele melody accompanied by marimbas.

Description: An Asian meditative mood. Exotic relaxing China, Japan, Far East background music. Great for travel cue and documentaries. Soothing flute, plucked string and light percussion.

Description: World beat track in bossa nova style. It features guitars, bass, drums and percussion. Breezy and easy-going, it reminds you of warm summer nights in exotic countries. Use it in commercial, film, presentation, video about vacations and travelling.

Description: Loop featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar and bass. Has a happy, relaxed, optimistic feel. Great for background music in corporate or personal presentations, or any other voice over work.