Description: A very sexy and smooth track that can be rapped over, sang over, whatever you feel. Or it can be a perfect background for a movie scene

Description: A nice and easy new age jazz piece led by an electric jazz guitar. This track can be used in just about anything. It sort of has a Santana feel to it.

Description: A big sounding West coast track.

Description: Cool, psychedelic, ambient set of World-Electronica tracks with Middle Eastern vibe and female chanting. Fitting for themes like club/dancing, thriller film scenes like espionage and James Bond like scenarios, spiritual/spa, erotica and more. Female Vocals, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusio

Description: Energized, fun, bright Arabic Electronica dance music with solid female vocal, ethnic instrumentation and strong techno base. FItting for soundtracks and themes like celebrating, dancing, club, action, thriller and more. Female Vocals, Middle East, Arabic Pop

Description: Dreamy, intense, building Orchestral electronic music with light female chanting, strong percussion, ethnic sounds, and synth-soundscape. Fitting for soundtracks, games and themes like mystery, dramatic thriller, abstraction, intoxication and more. Instrumental, Dangerous, Psychedelic

Description: Ethnic tribal world music with a lot of percussion.

Description: An Celtic-style, atmospheric instrumental, full of charm and magic.

Description: A beautiful exotic blend of new age and world music that is passionate and beautiful

Description: Indian track with authentic instruments.