Description: Enjoy this typical island party music with marimba, guitars, steel drums, ukuleles & drums! It is a caribbean style instrumental composition. A short tropical-exotic caribbean theme.

Description: Colourful birds singing and flying in large groups over the tropical jungle. This track is inspired in a brazilian style called baion.

Description: Panflute melody with drums and jungle ambience

Description: Ambient with jungle atmosphere and pan flute melody

Description: Atmospheric world music loop with flute, didgeridoo and percussions

Description: Loop or stinger with flute, percussions and jungle ambience

Description: Short stinger with african percussion, vocals and choir

Description: Modern, happy german pop schlager - endless background loop

Description: Authentic spanish flamenco - loop version of my song "Flamenco Festival" which you can find in my portfolio

Description: Authentic flamenco rhythm section with percussion, handclaps, and footsteps of a flamenco dancer