Description: A very omnious and dark evil arises in front of you, and you don't know what to expect because you are foreign to the lands of the east. Home of the demon warriors that lurk, stealthy as invisible ninjas. By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: atmospheric, dissonant, meditative, film and television cue.

Description: middle eastern feel. A jaunty instrumental with an attitude.

Description: caribbean island groove. vibraphone trades motifs with marimba among congas, flutes, piano and bass. suggested for scenes of vacation, tropical beach, water sports.

Description: flute, glockenspiel and guitar. Cheerful and spacious.

Description: yearning for knowledge and peace - an thoughtful ethnic piece using a mixture of celtic and asian instruments.

Description: an ethnic piece with steady rhthm, mystery, intrigue, and errie mood.

Description: atmospheric, dangerous, hypnotic, film and television cue.

Description: purposeful, disturbing, lost, film and television cue.

Description: pensive, haunting, foreboding, film and television cue.