Description: Plaintive, Haunting, Pensive, Emotional, Choral, Melancholic, Theme, Landscapes, Religious programmes, Sad Dramas, African, soundscapes.

Description: Exciting, Traditional, Contemporary, Moving, Colorful, Sports, Theme, Documentary, Travel, Landscapes, African, soundscapes.

Description: Slow moving background ambience accompanies a beautiful sitar and male choir. By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Acoustic guitar with middle eastern percussion cue.

Description: Fast, middle eastern percussion and acoustic guitar.

Description: Fast beat, hand percussion, tribal guitar instrumental.

Description: energetic, young, dance, happy, care-free.

Description: energetic, happy, care-free.

Description: caravan, happy, care-free.

Description: Ay! Get your jig on and remember the beauty of where you are from. Never forget the ancestors that brought you here from the beginning! By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.