Description: Haunting and eerie atmospheric medieval singing accompanied with dark and distant percussion. An obscure and murky drone sound in the background gives the track it´s foundation.

Description: Dreamy cinematic arabic music inspired by the nomads who roam the desert plains and dunes. Ethereal synthpad with Oud, female singing, Duduk flute and percussion. The track is loopable in 84 bpm.

Description: Recorded with Andean charango-string instrument and pan flutes to get that South American feel. Melancholic music with a typical folkloric chord progression.

Description: Music inspired from Asian forests and mountain ranges with a calm and beautiful chord progression. Dreamy and mysterious and with a bit melancholy. Great for documentaries, historical documentaries and background music for video with high emotional content.

Description: Medieval track but with an uplifting theme. Very melodic with celtic/norse/nordic sounding flutes and violins. Backed up with orchestral sounds.

Description: Throat singing with percussion and Tibetan mouth harp. Inspired by the music and culture of the mysterious and spiritual mountain country of Tibet.

Description: Music inspired from rock carvings (petroglyphs) around the world. A tribute to early human arts development, with dark and distant drums, telling the story of ancient rituals and hunting.

Description: African inspired music with Sanza instrument, groovy bass, occasional tribal drums, transverse flute and handclaps. Very energetic and fast. It gives you that feeling of adventure and danger, but in a fun way. Works great for documentaries, nature shows etc.

Description: Middle Eastern music with Oud instrument, distant drums, occasional orchestra and flute. Great for documentaries with a bit of dramatic touch.

Description: Dreamy and cinematic music with female voice over distant and soft chords. Highly emotional and beautiful with long reverbs.