Description: Tribal music with frame drums and choirs. The ethnic instrumentation and the drone bass in the background creates an natural vibe and feel, even a foreboding sense, and suits great for historical footage and documentaries.

Description: Echoing flutes over a distant spooky drone, telling the story of our ancestors. Let the music lead you into the world of the Neanderthals that roamed the European forests for millennia.

Description: Ancient and mysterious music from the past. Middle Eastern flute and female vocals over a drone sound, creating a very atmospheric and ethereal environment.

Description: Ancient and magical music with transcendental flutes and voices over a dark pad and percussion. I had ancient battles and warriors in mind when I wrote it but I guess it can fit to many different purposes, such as documentaries and reportage. It has a foreboding nature to it, but somehow feels supernatural in a sense.

Description: Beautiful and peaceful music inspired from the Mediterranean countries with piano, acoustic nylon guitar, harp and flute. Great for your spa or for a tranquil place.

Description: Thrilling and mysterious music inspired from the deserts of Middle East. Ethnic instrumentation mixed with a western chord progression. Overall suspenseful with a touch of romance.

Description: Beautiful and slow music inspired by the South American culture “Inca” now long gone. I had a love story in mind when I wrote it, how people lived and loved. There are some elements of mystery but also some of beauty. Very dreamy indeed and with a touch of sadness. Quena flute playing over dark and mellow synth pad and choirs.

Description: Beautiful Arabic flute over synth bass.

Description: Asian violin playing over Tibetan throat singing.

Description: Beautiful and melancholic Hulusi (asian instrument) over drone sounds. Asian inspired music, great for background in documentaries etc.