Description: Traditional alphorn with cows and bells in background - alp ambient

Description: Groovy and rhytmic loop with didgeridoo

Description: Atmospheric world music loop with flute, didgeridoo and percussions

Description: A very positiv and happy island with ukulele, acoustic guitar, steel drums, marimba and some percussion adds flavor to this fun tune. Use anywhere a sense of optimism and enjoyment needs to be invoked.

Description: Little middle ages track with bagpipe, recorder and percussions

Description: Use this as a background for your documentary, has a feel for Ireland, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, anywhere the grass grows green and lush or the smell of the salt air washes over you.

Description: A dramatic and intense, bollywood style middle eastern fusion track. A variety of tabla grooves are featured along with tradition stringed and wind Indian instruments. Great for bellydance backgrounds, film dance scenes, backgrounds for cooking shows, and for setting an exotic atmosphere for video, Instrumental, Middle East, Contemporary Dramatic

Description: Irish touch. Melody played with flute and violine