Description: South American folkloric music with pan flutes, accordion, charango. The bass plays a typical pattern and the distinct cowbell makes it impossible to take it as something else than cumbia. Very latino, high in spirit, and very danceable.

Description: Epic cinematic music with high emotional content. The beautiful melodies of the Dizi flute brings us to the Chinese culture and its ancient history. Call it a romance or call it a spell, this track describes very well the spectacular landscapes and surroundings of China.

Description: The track exudes confidence. Ideal for strutting around in your favourite outfit, impressing the ladies.

Description: A track capturing the atmosphere of a mysterious temple hidden in the jungle.

Description: Argentine folklore. Soundscape. Incidental music.

Description: Sudamerican.Instrumental incidental folk music. argentine Pampa

Description: Light merry music with Chinese sound. Get closer to the oriental streets with fun carefree people on a sunny day.

Description: Beautiful and melancholic Hulusi (asian instrument) over melodic pads and chords. Asian inspired music, great for background in documentaries, travel shows etc.

Description: Tribal music with frame drums and choirs. The ethnic instrumentation and the drone bass in the background creates an natural vibe and feel, even a foreboding sense, and suits great for historical footage and documentaries.

Description: Echoing flutes over a distant spooky drone, telling the story of our ancestors. Let the music lead you into the world of the Neanderthals that roamed the European forests for millennia.