Description: An infectious and hyper tune rich in silky brass and rhythmic guitars. The music is paradoxical in that it is a serious and yet playful dance, exuding sensuality.

Description: This sound is influenced by the Caribbean and can be used in any presentation that is intended to unwind listeners and make them forget their troubles. This piece can be used in any presentation that addresses vacations, hideaways and relaxation.

Description: Shamisen intro sound effect.

Description: An ambient Arabian World with hints of epic / dramatic action films! A great piece of Epic Action musci with an ethnic / arabian / Indian influence to give your visuals that feeling of from another world! 15, 30, 60, Alt, Full, Hit and Stinger all available!

Description: Short logo in ancient / oriental style. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: A hip world track featuring sanza, flute, shamisen and light percussion. It has great pace without being overpowering.

Description: A beatuiful reggae track with pretty guitar melodies and a relaxed groove.

Description: A dark and cool Bollywood track with hip loops and percussion, sitar, thumping bass and low drones.

Description: A festive East Indian track with beautiful sitar, tablas, udu pots and drones.