Description: Full of energy, vibrance and colour. A real carnival atomsphere with the flavour of the Caribbean or Latin America. Bright, Lively & happy - it just makes you want to dance. Featuring latin percussion, steel drums, electric bass guitar & brass section. 30sec full mix & 30sec underscore mix

Description: Adventure Traveling Action Active Tribal International

Description: Bagpipe With Guitar - World. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Emotional and touching military & patriotic style theme filled with an emotional arrangement of instruments, including strings, percussion, horns. A great track for communicating a sense of honor, sacrifice and glory.

Description: Ethnic Repetitive Pleasant Light Happy Adventurous Pleasant

Description: Elegant duet of panpipe and acoustic guitar in style of Peruvian music.

Description: Bouncy and driving with African tribal elements and vocal chants create a determined yet peaceful mood.

Description: Conga, Ethnic-Africa, Ethnic, Tribal, Adventure, Traveling, Action, Active, Tribal, International, Wordly, Percussive, Dangerous, Spiritual, in a Adventurous, Energetic mood, featuring Percussion, Conga, Drums, Snare, Shaker, with a Mid tempo