Description: Mid-tempo Reggae groove, with a healthy infusion of R&B/Soul/Jazz might hear a little George Benson influence in the rhythm guitar.

Description: Cheerful & lighthearted Asian song with modern dance drum beat. Happy & festive!!

Description: Upbeat & festive island track with acoustic guitar, congas & xylophone

Description: Lively & festive African style world beat song. Happy on the island or on a Caribbean cruise!

Description: Spiritual upbeat South East Asian influenced song

Description: Warm Italian flamenco guitar music

Description: Middle Eastern violin and flute combine with cinematic chords behind a steady beat driven by cello, upright bass and boom-bap drums.

Description: Old fashioned sitar vibes meet modern day deep bass and breakbeat accompanied by tabula patterns that put the listener in an opium den.

Description: Classic mid to up tempo Reggae beats, with organ, reminiscent of Marley.

Description: Uptempo, sunny Caribbean steel drum sound...with Reggae rhythms.