Description: Ethno groove with dubstep elements. Great choice for travel projects, dance projects, documentaries and any ethnic oriented presentation. Instruments: kemance, kemani, oud, deep strings, tabla, dholak, and also dubstep elements.

Description: Sita and Indian flute for a fast Indian atmosphere.

Description: Dramatic Japanese track with beautiful interplay with Flute, Koto, Strings and traditional Drum. Beautiful carefree medium tempo Asian flavored instrumental. Documentaries Historical, Film and Television, Spa and Relaxation, World Music and more.

Description: Positive world beat composition in Asian style. Enjoy the walk through the Japanese garden where everything in perfect. Japanese koto determines the mood while drums, bass and synths support the melody. The track is good for traveling video, documentary, video about national traditions and nature.

Description: A rhythmic middle eastern track with ethnic percussion, and various middle eastern string and woodwind instruments. Good for travel videos, commercials and documentaries.

Description: Used:Russian Balalaika )) Simple logo sound for WEB -sites, videos etc. Opening of the page of the site, logo TV and radio, ring-tone for mobile telephone, in & Out, start or Final, change, opening or closing the page in site, flash-design in PC. Window opening.

Description: Deep Thoughts is an instrumental electronic track with a relaxing mood. Music designed for a spa or meditation. Unique sound.

Description: An African world beat track featuring marimbas, flute and ethnic percussion. Good for commercials, documentaries and YouTube videos.

Description: Beautiful traditional Japanese koto instrument in modern processing

Description: High energy, Latin, fun, groovy dance track. Great for trailers, commercials, personal videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio, film, etc.

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