Description: strong work for turkish ud, oboe and oriental percussion playing a classical balady rhythm.

Description: kurdish ud jam in 7/4 time.

Description: a fast rhythm on middle eastern drums begins this piece for two rebabs (egyptian fiddle) and turkish ud.

Description: leapin into a djarbuka rhythm, the turkish ud strongly develops the three themes of the "crown of wisdom.".

Description: slow, emotional middle-eastern improvisational piece on ney flute with string section and santur.

Description: begins with a slow improvisation on the turkish ud until drums take up a rhythm. the name means "crown of wisdom.".

Description: transylvanian gypsie music, raw and live.

Description: tabla and indian bagpipe with ud accompaniment.

Description: downtempo middle-eastern groove for turkish ud and string section.

Description: traditional large ensemble old-skool egyptian dance music from the 60's. ud, strings, ney flute & percussion.

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