Description: A very fast-paced Japanese-flavored piece great for a chase or fight scene.

Description: A light but powerful and poppy piece using Japanese instrumentation.

Description: A smooth piece of music using primarily Chinese style instrumentation. Makes good background music.

Description: A very fast paced piece with Japanese instrumentation and rock influence. Great for fights or chases.

Description: A beautiful soaring piece of music utilizing Chinese instrumentation.

Description: Background music using Chinese instrumentation in a pop-like setting.

Description: An upbeat, pop-influenced piano and electronic instrumental piece with a entrancing Asian melody.

Description: A heavily Eastern-influenced piece with a triumphant and majestic theme as well as powerful backing rhythms.

Description: High-paced and rhythmic, this piece could score a chase or riveting fight sequence. Uses Japanese instrumentation.

Description: A pop-influenced piece using Japanese instruments and structure creates the atmosphere of a wise and learned leader's entrance.

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