Description: Traditional American song of the rivers banks popular reenactment sound. acoustic music with guitar and mandola for ethnic background of folk music

Description: Big Percussive beats with claps.

Description: jingles for religious tv show for israel and synagogue original music by french pro composer never heard before no infinite loops always something new have a listen to the others tracks same name ABCD.... for more use in documentary 120 BPM for easy edits

Description: The vision of the old presses that feed the printed paper have written the notes of this track. bass theme slides, like the press, arrive at the final on the counter-chant of a massive-synth that pushes the plays on the 9th of the main theme exploding as a news story on the front page.

Description: The track is perfect for playing in the chill out environment, I would have attributed this work to the chill out atmosphere. Also for listening in earphones for radio, collections of relaxation music.

Description: A touching and heartfelt track containing interwoven melodies from an ancient and enchanting world.

Description: A celestial Journey to the Divine.

Description: A stormy, minimalist Piano piece. Sound like;The Piano - Michael Nyman".

Description: A melodic soundtrack orchestral piece.

Description: Touching and nostalgic track using Piano, Strings, EBeat and electronics.

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