Description: Recorded with Andean charango-string instrument and pan flutes to get that South American feel. Melancholic music with a typical folkloric chord progression.

Description: Dreamy and cinematic music with female voice over distant and soft chords. Highly emotional and beautiful with long reverbs.

Description: Atmospheric music with pan flutes and warm synth drones. Inspired by the world of the paramos (high mountain landscape) in the Andes mountain range.

Description: Romantic music inspired from the ancient past, with quarreling gods and tremendous poems. Not necessarily Greek, but ancient at least. Great for your Mediterranean travel documentary.

Description: Become the Last One Standing hero in the whole Universe with this fantastic and emotional space track. Fly through the Solar system, look for other survivals, ride on the rings of Saturn and dream.

Description: Just as the title implies. This is a cheesy transitional piece designed for a comedy drama, comedy action, transitional cue. It has a lot of horns, bass, and drums. It's designed to be a transitional cue between scenes.f

Description: A very relaxing track with emotional and mental well being in mind when I created this. It is led by piano and nature as background instrumentation such as babbling brooks, birds, wind chimes, etc.

Description: Instrumental piano song with a movie love scene undertone.

Description: Instrumental piano song with a movie love scene undertone.

Description: A really laid back track that would be similar to what you would hear on a famous Motown track. The band behind the music of Motown was known as the Funk brothers.