Description: jazzy type track good for background music

Description: 1 min cue good for movie scene,Radio spot,Advertising and other small fill-in's

Description: Inspiring gentle track for a good productive day. Sweet synths & keys, warm pads, bright piano, relaxed drum section and delightful guitar make the mood sweet and mellow. Very good for nice backgrounds in presentations, business videos, weather reports, financial news bulletins, advertising etc.

Description: cheerful, sweet, children, happy, easy

Description: A guitar with b-b-banging drums.(loopable)

Description: Mellow music to sit back and reflect on. Smooth roaming sine bass, strings, and more.

Description: This song starts out like a lullabye with a playful, simple melody, transitions to a blues section, and then transitions back to the playful melody. It would be good as part of a soundtrack to a family-oriented commercial, show or movie.

Description: This is a contemporary piece with a classical, refined styling. It's at a moderate tempo and is flowing and textured. This piece would be very nice behind an elegant setting or scene.

Description: A beauty mix between javanesse gamelan & orchestra. Bring you to glorious ancient kingdom in java.

Description: "Defense Theme" is a dramatic orchestral trailer track, perfect for documentary and cinematic productions.