Description: It's the fusion of a Sitar and the sounds of a lake in Maine with a title of a river in Maine, perfect!

Description: a short, piano solo, intense at times, very rhythmic and can be used in a lot of ways.

Description: Cinematic piece inspired from Balkan music & traditions..

Description: mellow melodic and happy instrumental written on acoustic guitar with a warm bass brought in for uplifting feel good factor

Description: nice mellow melodic acoustic guitar in a spacious hall

Description: close your eyes and dream discovery channel will love it and intelligent mix of authentic rythms crafted with care ambient ethnic, deep forest, world ambient,worldbeat,world beat,

Description: easy light piano solo melody

Description: perfect exciting car advert - upbeat, urbane, interested with an edge,

Description: a short instrumental piece ideal for an advert - its fast, pacey tense and exciting to the point , building up to a high , its a call to action

Description: Loved up , standing on the balcony overlooking the harbor, they look into each others eyes and ...... eat chocolate. Perfect atmospheric ad break music

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