Description: middle eastern driven underscore.

Description: Authentic Arabic /Egyptian track with acoustic guitar and percussion. Very atmospheric, emotional feel.

Description: Exotic, mysterious & haunting flavour of the Middle East. Steady, lonely, forward-pushing, dry & arid atmospheric desert trek. Features authenic middle eastern instruments & female voice. Great for documentary, history & travelogue. Main mix, without vocal & bass mix, percussion mix & 30sec version

Description: A slow and atmospheric far eastern track with ethnic instruments and percussion. Good for travel videos, documentaries and videos.

Description: arabic/middle eastern instrumental. feat. instrumentation and percussion from this region.

Description: Exciting and positive.Modern beats interlaced with arabic elements This track perfectly translates the colors and flavors of middle east.Arabic ,oriental instruments playing along. Middle eastern / Arabic flavor with a slightly proud and militaristic undertone.

Description: Lively, mystical and magical traditional uptempo Middle Eastern style belly dance. Great for use in connection with Morroco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. 30sec Commercial

Description: East authentic background ethnic track with ney flute, oriental strings, oud and darbuka. Perfect for middle east background videos, history, travel projects, culture, desert nature videos, documentaries.

Description: journey through the Middle East, with frenzied percussion

Description: Mysterious piece with haunting Eastern feel. Acoustic guitar and percussion.

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