Description: This track is great for ethnic and oriental scenes, desert and arab landscapes, world travel shows , documentaric tv, aladine style films, and much more. Instruments and orchestration: arabian strings, synth pads, rain maker.

Description: A suspenseful musical describing a remote uninhabited mideastern desert island.

Description: Authentic background epic instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, groovy ethnic darbuka. Inspired with traditional arabic musical mood. This background track perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercial and documentary, culture videos, history, travel projects, desert nature scenes, oriental backgrounds, magical desert landscapes, news about the middle east and many more. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Description: Slow sad spiritual flute music, meditative and spacey. Hot century sands of Arabic world is in this track.

Description: A unexplainable tautness in a fiery arabian night

Description: Angel in a desert. A smooth mideastern melody.

Description: A mystery in a far away distant.

Description: Spring back from boredom to freedom

Description: A slower version - Spring back from boredom to freedom

Description: A magical mystery in a desert

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