Description: middle eastern pop music.

Description: "Desert Chase"- This is a highly percussive and exciting track that has influences from the middle east,This track is including intense tribal beat featuring an up-tempo heavy drum and percussion section with shouts and stomps. Perfect for chase scenes, battle preparation, desert races ,chase through the jungle or for a tribal dance and other fast moving action scenes.

Description: Exciting and positive.Modern beats interlaced with arabic elements This track perfectly translates the colors and flavors of middle east.Arabic ,oriental instruments playing along. Middle eastern / Arabic flavor with a slightly proud and militaristic undertone.

Description: middle eastern pop music.

Description: Middle East style hip hop instrumental featuring accordions, strings, low piano, and kotos. Possible uses can range from set up scenes, songs, trailers, etc.

Description: Authentic Arabic /Egyptian track with acoustic guitar and percussion. Very atmospheric, emotional feel.

Description: Colorful arabic music track. Charming, spicy, enigmatic, temperamental. Ideal for any kinds of projects (movies, games, trailers, inspirational projects, commercial videos, slideshows, etc).

Description: Middle Eastern violin and flute combine with cinematic chords behind a steady beat driven by cello, upright bass and boom-bap drums.

Description: Mysterious, atmospheric piece with real middle eastern/arabic feel.