Description: An exotic instrumental track in the genres of ethnic lounge and easy listening music, dreamy and mysterious in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios having to do with the meditative, illusory, pensive, deeply majestic side of life.

Description: The sound of the Armenian Duduk mixed with the Middle eastern Female vocal is a beautiful combination of humble victory and strength. The strings provides that depth that any visuals require to invoke emotions. The introduction of the cello enhances the piece to a victorious peak.

Description: A piece that conjures up images of a chase through deserts, market places, old cities. The quick melody with its ethnic instruments provides the perfect backdrop to your footage of exotic places and people. The percussion hammers provides that intensity you can use to focus on special images in you visuals

Description: An addictive repetitive Turkish Oud melody mixed with a haunting ethnic middle eastern female vocal provides that perfect backdrop to an Arabian night. Dances, fires and tales told.

Description: A dramatic ethnic piece that will work perfectly with the backdrop of suffering and human endurance. The middle east vocals mixed with the Turkish Oud instrument provides that sound that takes the listener to the deserts or streets of the middle east.

Description: An intense, exotic & passionate middle eastern groove fusion track featuring tambi (string), santur, plenty of hand percussion full deep bass and airy synth pads. Uplifting ambient music drenched intrigue & mystery. Perfect for exotic location productions, video, music background, indigenous dance, Instrumental, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion

Description: A dramatic, aggressive & intense, bollywood style middle eastern traditional track. A variety of Indian percussion instruments are featured along with sitar & shehnai oboe. Great for bellydance, backgrounds, film dance scenes, backgrounds for cooking shows, setting an exotic atmosphere for video, Instrumental, Middle East, Contemporary Dramatic,

Description: An exotic & passionate middle eastern bollywood style track featuring sultry female vocals, bansuri (flute), plenty of percussion, santur & sitar. Uplifting & optimistic bathed in an air of intrigue and mystery. Perfect for exotic locations production, video background, indigenous dance scenes, tv, Female Vocals, Middle East, Middle-East

Description: An exotic and dramatic middle eastern fusion track featuring sultry female vocals, a full Arabian string section, eastern percussion and sitar. Uplifting, optimistic bathed in an airy of intrigue and mystery. Perfect for bollywood style productions, video background music, indigenous dance scenes. Female Vocals, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion

Description: Arab - middle eastern ethnic cinematic melody about desert sun and belly dancers. Mood: arabic, islam, heat, africa. Instruments: violin, pizzicato strings, duduk, orchestra, ethnic drums, epic drums. Best for films, trailers, video games.