Description: Oriental background world music groove. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, commercials, ethno oriented presentation and more. Instruments: zurna, baglama, saz, deep oriental strings, santur, darbuka, dholak, ethnic hand percussion.

Description: Ethno groove with dubstep elements. Great choice for travel projects, dance projects, documentaries and any ethnic oriented presentation. Instruments: kemance, kemani, oud, deep strings, tabla, dholak, and also dubstep elements.

Description: A rhythmic middle eastern track with ethnic percussion, and various middle eastern string and woodwind instruments. Good for travel videos, commercials and documentaries.

Description: Passion music in arabic style for films, trailers, ads. Fast intro and end and slow middle part

Description: A Sweet and smooth melding of middle eastern and western sounds with two distinct yet harmonious sections. A lovely mysterious voice synth and piano opening, lead to a flute and sitar melodic exchange. A touching violin melody adds to the track. Wonderful music for all media project, video, film, Instrumental, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion

Description: Music Asia is recorded in the eastern style, with traditional instruments, a good idea or a ready material for creativity, sound, inspiration, new ideas. For different projects.

Description: The East is very mysterious, it's very hot, it's so hot that I do not even want to think about anything ... Here sounds a saz, there are ambient sounds, representing the heat ... Ideal for images of the nature of southern countries in the film ...

Description: Usually it is very hot in the desert, there is almost no vegetation, it seems that no one can live there, there is a caravan, camels are regularly ringing with their bells, a very difficult journey ... It sounds male vocals on the background of flute and heavy ambient sounds of the synthesizer ... Ideal for images of traveling through the desert in the film, as well as for displaying life in hot countries ...

Description: A captivating instrumental arrangement of a Jewish hymn traditionally sung at Shabbat feasts. This lovely waltz features clarinet, cello, piano and upright bass, a beautifully reflective melody for ethnic dance numbers, programming, background music for video, tv, film, product ads or for radio play

Description: A captivating, upbeat arrangement of a traditional song from the Eastern Mediterranean region featuring a trumpet, violin, Persian flute, double bass, piano, percussion and drum set. This lively fun song is perfect for ethnic dance numbers, Jewish or Arabic oriented programming, underscoring video, Instrumental, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion