Description: A grand tribal middle eastern composition. Massive attack of ethnic percussion and juicy string section stabs. Sweet piece of action! Can be used for a massive dance show with a lot of dancers and and colorful stage action. Play it loud in a big space, I dare ya!

Description: middle eastern pop music.

Description: strong work for turkish ud, oboe and oriental percussion playing a classical balady rhythm.

Description: indian dream. emam & friends. tabla, dumbak, timbale.

Description: a fast rhythm on middle eastern drums begins this piece for two rebabs (egyptian fiddle) and turkish ud.

Description: Cool mood from middle east countries

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Greece, Ethnic-Italy, Ethnic, Confident, Proud, in a Confident mood, featuring Mandolin, Accordion, Guitar, Acoustic, with a Varied tempo

Description: leapin into a djarbuka rhythm, the turkish ud strongly develops the three themes of the "crown of wisdom.".

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Middle Eastern, Atmospheric, Dark, Mysterious, Dreamy, Dreary, Wordly, Tension, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Strings, Oud, with a Very Slow tempo

Description: dance, dervish dance!.