Description: energetic, young, dance, happy, care-free.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Middle Eastern, Traveling, Wordly, International, Exotic, Driving, Active, Percussive, Dreamy, Groovy, in a Energetic mood, featuring Percussion, Vocals, Female, Sitar, with a Mid tempo

Description: after fanfare, santur, drum and fiddle.

Description: Emotional and dramatic world music. Middle east genre, ethnic and melancholic mood.

Description: Tabla, casbasa, gong, tamboura, big wood bass drum, and a low drone / perfect haunting Indian-Middle Eastern sounds for a film or TV cue

Description: A low drone segues into a fast-paced, exciting and intense track that fuses middle-eastern indigenous instruments and exotic electronica with a driving pulsating beat. Good for action adventure, international intrigue, crime thrillers, pursuit and more.

Description: Ethnic-Greece, Ethnic, Ethnic-Middle Eastern, Nature, Panoramic, Repetitive, Regional, Ethnic, Magical, Adventure, Exotic, International, Atmospheric, Mysterious, Pensive, in a Adventurous, Mysterious mood, featuring Strings, Synth, Harp, Percussion, Woodwinds, with a Mid tempo

Description: Slow mystical Middle Eastern snake charmer style atmospheric theme. Mysterious, haunting and sultry. A flavour of a traditional Arabian bazaar. Features mizmar pipe & flute with steady rasping bass trombones & ethnic percussion. Ideal for documentary, stage productions, commercials & travelogue.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Middle Eastern, Light, Panoramic, Atmospheric, Wordly, Exotic, in a Passive mood, featuring Percussion, Vocals, Bells, Sitar, Female, with a Mid tempo

Description: Colorful arabic music track. Charming, spicy, enigmatic, temperamental. Ideal for any kinds of projects (movies, games, trailers, inspirational projects, commercial videos, slideshows, etc).