Description: Suspenseful piece with use of Kamanche and Rebab to heighten tension.

Description: Sultry, slow & mysterious Middle Eastern Anasheed music. A fusion of traditional drums and percussion with a contemporary twist of a steady hi-hat rhythm. Also featuring authentic female vocals. Great for travelogue, documentary, historic. Main mix, percussion mix & 30sec versions

Description: Exotic, mysterious & haunting flavour of the Middle East. Steady, lonely, forward-pushing, dry & arid atmospheric desert trek. Features authenic middle eastern instruments & female voice. Great for documentary, history & travelogue. Main mix, without vocal & bass mix, percussion mix & 30sec version

Description: Slow pulsating drone with female vocalizing

Description: Wonderful Middle Eastern music with creative percussion and intricate effects. Great world music for documentaries, wide scope of world influences, high end production with real instruments. Several mixes available.

Description: trip-hop jam with Middle-Eastern pluks, chants, and electronic beats