Description: journey through the Middle East, with frenzied percussion

Description: Lively, mystical and magical traditional uptempo Middle Eastern style belly dance. Great for use in connection with Morroco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. 30sec Commercial

Description: Ethnic and melodic, this orchestral mix imparts a feeling of Sahara winds and mystery.

Description: caravan, happy, care-free.

Description: is suitable for belly dance

Description: Traditional sounding music from the middle east.

Description: Documentary, Ethnic, World Beat, Ethnic-Middle Eastern, Traveling, International, Wordly, Light, Dreamy, Exotic, Romantic, Sensual, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Percussion, Oud, Tabla, with a Mid tempo

Description: Mysterious piece with haunting Eastern feel. Acoustic guitar and percussion.

Description: Fast passion dance in arabic style

Description: rhythmic opening to expansive Oriental theme. Contemporary feel with tradtional elements. Perfect for travelogue, documentary, historic, in fact anything Oriental.

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