Description: journey through the Middle East, with frenzied percussion

Description: Lively, mystical and magical traditional uptempo Middle Eastern style belly dance. Great for use in connection with Morroco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. 30sec Commercial

Description: Ethnic and melodic, this orchestral mix imparts a feeling of Sahara winds and mystery.

Description: caravan, happy, care-free.

Description: is suitable for belly dance

Description: Traditional sounding music from the middle east.

Description: Documentary, Ethnic, World Beat, Ethnic-Middle Eastern, Traveling, International, Wordly, Light, Dreamy, Exotic, Romantic, Sensual, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Percussion, Oud, Tabla, with a Mid tempo

Description: Mysterious piece with haunting Eastern feel. Acoustic guitar and percussion.

Description: Middle Eastern music good for any Arabic or Turkish project, also good as Ramadan Logo / Idents.

Description: Nice and dynamic sound with ethnic instruments like ud, darbuka, kanun... Useful in any kind of joyful project. Oriental melody and easy to remember. Very Useful in any kind of project like presentations, openings, business marketing projects, commercial and corporate works...

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