Description: Traditional sounding music from the middle east.

Description: Adventurous exotic World Music in several variants (with/without woman chanting and male shouts, etc) including authentic instruments like Duduk, Santoor and great mix of percussion like Tablas, Bongos, Gong and Zildjan cymbal. Perfect for use in documentaries, film/game adventures with exotic enviroments Variants: 2 Min / 1 Min and loops and variants w/wo Chanting and Shouts.

Description: World music track with lots of percussion and pulse. Ethnic flute and santoor backed up by dark staccato strings. Good for tension and action elements or scenarios with a driving and powerful feel. Variants: 2 Min / 2 Min Loop / 60 sec / 52s Loop / 10s stinger / 5s stinger.

Description: a day in a middle eastern town. solo guitar plays a melody in a minor key with simple strings and percussion.

Description: snake charming creepy oboe.