Description: A modern twist on an upbeat festive Mediterranean/Middle Eastern vibe

Description: Very romantic music inspired by Paris and romance. Main theme played on accordion, musette. Available versions: full track, 1min. , 30sec. , loop 1 and loop 2 edit.

Description: Lively Greek traditional-style mid-tempo folk dance. Full of warmth, romance & charm. Sipping Ouzo by a taverna in the moonlight. Features bouzouki, mandolin, acoustic guitars & tambourines. Perfect for Commercials through to travelogues. Main Mix, 60sec, 30sec versions

Description: Sultry, passionate, rhythmic, Spanish Flamenco theme with a contemporary beat. A real modern day flavour of Spain with a traditional feel. Features acoustic guitars, casinets, strings, percussion. Ideal for travelogue, holiday presentations, documentary, historic & commercials.