Description: This piece has a funky rhythm with a Latin flavor. The horns and piano give motion and sensuality to it making it ideal for a range of presentations that involve, style, creativity, a bit of humor and image. Cartoon animations may work very well with this.

Description: An optimistic, pumping, cheeky and cheesy positive track featuring drums, percussion, tribal voices, female vocal, trumpets, marimba and bass guitar. Suitable for any kind of usage that requires happy, funny and/or crazy music background.

Description: Perfect for use in any presentation involving travel, adventure and having fun, this latin piece is full of energy. The rhythm is exciting and invites everyone to dance.

Description: This latin piece has some elements of jazz and evokes a sense of enjoying life despite hard times. The rhythm is infectious and sensuous making it ideal for fashion and travel products. Presentations that also tell a story of overcoming all odds would wor.

Description: This lively Celtic piece is ideal for presentations that require a classical piece with an ethnic sound. The piece is joyous and celebratory and is in ¾ time, the same as a Waltz. Images of people dancing in large ballrooms from previous centuries come to.

Description: This piece has ethnic elements from around the world making it ideal for use in presentations that unite humanity or that concern meaningful and everlasting issues. The tone of this piece is humble but not quite pleading. The melody in the violin floats a.

Description: This piece reminds one of the Riverdance Irish tunes. The mood is happy and cheerful. Use it in presentations that require an Irish theme or simply an uplifting and happy tune.

Description: This spacious sound can be heard outside at a festival with people dancing in the streets and enjoying themselves. Use it in presentations that wish to uplift your audiences and take them to faraway, exotic places where troubles are forgotten.

Description: This tune combines elements from all over the world and borrows from hip hop, reggae, arabic, and eastern music to create a truly eclectic mix... offering almost infinte ways to remix the sound. The syncopated beat, coupled with a heavy bass and drums, cr.

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