Description: new age instrumental variety of fnative american flutes and nature sounds in a meditational journey. Great background for creative work such as writing and painting and art work.

Description: The plateau tribe alaska eskimo weather uplifting fresh positive motivational inspirational purpose american indian american indians amerindians tamarinds aboriginal indians indigenous original americans first americans red indians or red men strong set agile lively active light forward movement: advance advancement headway progression opening closing . Complex development evolution evolvement growth unfolding improvement conclusion: advance move proceed positive.

Description: World middle east prayer worship desert ancient ritual.

Description: Free spirited, historical cajun flavor, joyous, accordion

Description: An African cinematic theme with a positive, peaceful and happy vibe where it draws a picture of a natural and spiritual Africa. With its traditional instruments and orchestra on the background this is ideal for film or documentary.

Description: Acoustic guitar, accordion, bass and percussion. Rumba with arabic motifs.

Description: Native American flute set in a natural environment

Description: Amerindian, textural, pan flute, vocals, acoustic guitar solo bridge

Description: Classic mid-tempo Reggae groove, with horns, keyboards and a little drama.

Description: new age instrumental ambient native american flute music perfect for massage, relaxation, yoga, and massage. Great for background for creative people such as artists , writers, and painters. .

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