Description: A full five minutes of uninterrupted, continuous music. Soft, ambient and slightly exotic, featuring floating pads, mallets & marimba, ambient wood flute etc. Very varied throughout, with very little repetition.

Description: Dignified, soft, proud and reflective cinematic piece. Emotional, soaring, and patriotic in a thoughtful, solemn way. Honor, dignity and reflection,scottish music,

Description: Upbeat and playful with a driving Calypso beat, steel drums and light percussion depict a beach party scene.

Description: Classic mid-tempo Reggae groove, with horns, keyboards and a little drama.

Description: An upbeat Greek track featuring Bouzouki and Accordion with nice percussion.

Description: Exciting, Traditional, Melodic, Rhythmic, Vocal, Chants, Adverts, TV theme, Corporate, Landscape, Documentaries, African, soundscapes.

Description: strong, determined, adventurous, passionate, guitar, bass, ethnic, tablas, sitar

Description: strong, determined, serene, sincere, keyboard, accordion, ethnic, bagpipe

Description: instrumental world music track featuring soulful middle eastern flute and hand percussion

Description: An ambient electric guitar and kick drum plays as the organic didgeridoo create an ominous city like feel.