Description: Slow, heavy, mystical, Middle Eastern journey through the desert. Ideal for Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. Features a 'mizmar' type of middle eastern oboe, tablahs and light ethnic percussion, strings. Main mix, underscore, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions

Description: Youre loking at modern day Bombay its hirize buildings hundreds of cars and neon signs but the culture and deep history of the land is still visible just below the surface --

Description: Plaintive, Haunting, Pensive, Emotional, Choral, Melancholic, Theme, Landscapes, Religious programmes, Sad Dramas, African, soundscapes.

Description: Warm and cheerful instrumental based on acoustic guitars and arranged with an uplifting Ukulele. Would work well for ads that reflect a happy, clean mood.

Description: Exciting, Expectant Fanfare, Traditional, Chase, Orchestral, News, Documentary, Signature tune, Movie, Theme, Current Affairs, Advert, African, soundscapes.

Description: Tribal African track with driving percussion, vocal samples, pipes and deep synths. Very atmospheric.

Description: Gentle Far East textures with skeletal plucked melodies played by a variety of exotic instruments.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Asian

Description: Gentle, atmospheric and relaxing traditional Chinese composition with a soothing and warm feel, featuring Chinese Guzheng Zither accompanied by warm strings, percussions, and other traditional Chinese instruments.

Description: Cute Island influenced tune featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar and bass. Has a happy, relaxed, optimistic reggae feel. Great for background music in corporate or personal presentations, or any other voice over work.

Description: An exotic sounding background inspired by the snake charmer music of the Punji also known as the Been.

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