Description: All tribal & organic drums, low wood drums, congas, triangle, shaker, cowbells, tambourine, and ethnic world drums / think nature documentary or tribal scene

Description: Low ambient synth pad drones, lush pads, clean and powerful MPC style drum programming, bright percussion, fretless electric bass, a catchy lead piano melody, and rich orchestral strings. Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs thoughtful and relaxing world / pop music with a catchy lead hook.

Description: Acoustic guitar strums, turntable cuts, banging kicks, crisp hats and percussion, lush strings, a catchy pan flute melody, smooth electric bass guitar, congas, delay piano chord stabs, and a distorted electric guitar solo. Perfect for any TV show or film that needs lush hip-hop / film music with very catchy melodies.

Description: Powerful African drums, low big kick drum, hand drums, steel drums, congas, bongos, shakers, triangle, low synth drones, low pulsating electric bass, and world pan flutes. Perfect cue for a film that needs African percussive music or a nature Nat geo style TV show or documentary.

Description: Smooth & punchy kicks-snares, crisp hats & percussion, live dub-reggae drum loops, jungle drum loops, warm electric dub bass, thick dub keyboard melodies, electric guitar solo, smooth slide electric guitar fills, and ambient chord pads / Think Bob Marley works with Diplo / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs modern electronic style reggae with an alternative favor.

Description: A lush keyboard pad-flute melody, chord pads, piano chord hits, acoustic bass, bell and vibe melodies, bright live drums, and congas / This would work for A TV or Film theme-cue that needs a laidback happy light feeling world-pop sound

Description: Japanese Koto melodies, shaker, gong rolls, orchestral cymbal hits, dholki & kahon percussion parts, and lush chord pad / perfect for a film or TV cue that needs minimal sounding Japanese music with a modern twist

Description: Chinese & Asian melodies with light hand drums and gongs / perfect for a peaceful film or TV cue that needs traditional and minimal sounding Asian music

Description: Tabla, casbasa, gong, tamboura, big wood bass drum, and a low drone / perfect haunting Indian-Middle Eastern sounds for a film or TV cue

Description: Big lush chord pads, udo percussion, a bell motfi line, deep live bass, percussion, and live drums / think nature TV show

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