Description: Warm, welcoming and relaxed Oriental track composed for commerials. Charming, tranquil and tender. Features traditional oriental instrumentation. Perfect for 30sec Radio & TV commercials for Chinese, Japanese or Asian restaurants or take-way businesses. Also suitable for documentary. 30sec Advert

Description: :30 upbeat jungle rhythms and sounds with a definite end.

Description: light, uplifting, inspiring, bright, happy, refreshing, joyful, hopeful, voices, world music, 30 seconds.

Description: Happy, Exciting, Rhythmic, Dance, Melodic, Modern, Theme, Advert, Sports, Documentary, Landscape, African, soundscapes.

Description: Exciting, Expectant Fanfare, Traditional, Chase, Orchestral, News, Documentary, Signature tune, Movie, Theme, Current Affairs, Advert, African, soundscapes.

Description: This one will get you hot around the Balarics. Bright uptempo Spanish Flamenco style 30 sec commercial

Description: Sit back and relax as the smooth "Noche de Espana" melody (public domain) carries you to a vacation get away. Sweet Nylon string lead guitar, acoustic instruments and percussion carry this melody into the heart of any listener. This Latin flavor piece works for both the regions of Spain and Central America.

Description: Traditional, Dramatic, Chants, Exciting, Rhythmic, Percussive, Grand, Emotional, Movie, TV, Theme, Drama, Documentary, Landscape, Magazine, African, soundscapes.

Description: african beat on jungle drums in africa.

Description: a lovely chinese melody composition produced using a virtual pipa instrument.

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