Description: Festive and yet ambient, featuring horns and traditional Latin percussion in a ambient modern electronica atmosphere.

Description: Intro to cuban or latin act. 100 bpm (approximately).

Description: Bright and rhythmic featuring montuno piano, Latin percussion and bouncy bass create a happy and cheerful mood, in the style of Celia Cruz.

Description: Light and rhythmic with solo acoustic guitar and bongo create a warm and romantic mood.

Description: TJB. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass influence.

Description: Authentic, compelling, ankle shells coming from an Aztec re enactor. Some bg walla due to location. Field recording.

Description: A solo classical guitar plays a hauntingly expressive melody accompanied by lush tremolo strings in this Spanish inspired soundtrack. Passionate, dramatic and nostalgic underscore that is and good for historical documentaries, epic love stories and more.

Description: Try to stop your hips from moving and your toes from tapping when this infectious salsa starts to play. This short and simple loop is great for background music for television or games and is sure to get the listener feeling a little bit of that sweet and saucy Latin romance.

Description: The Bachata, the most sensual of all Latin dances, is fully embodied here in this piece. Driving strings and sultry rhythms help to portray the feelings of hot romance in this passionate dance.

Description: TJB. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass influence.

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