Description: Groovy Latin dance track with funky guitar & bass. Also has cool horns!

Description: Laid back Latin folk song with acoustic guitar. Has mid-tempo cheerful polka beat.

Description: Fast festive Latin beat with killer bass line. Very upbeat, lively & dramatic!

Description: A passive "snooping around" flamenco instrumental with a latin flavor.

Description: Mexican folk theme for flute and guitar starts with a challenge, progresses through some suspenseful action, and ends with a red cape fluttering easily in the wind.

Description: up-tempo Latin, world, Cuban, cha cha piano, monster electric guitar, horns, strings, acoustic bass, bongos, timbales, lots of percussion

Description: A joyful and fizzy fun latin/salsa/mexican style featuring brass and accordion.

Description: A Fresh Latin tune with a dance feel and a Flamenco Guitar playng solo and melody