Description: Authentic Spanish Flamenco track with acoustic guitar and percussion. Very romantic, emotional feel.

Description: Fast festive Latin beat with killer bass line. Very upbeat, lively & dramatic!

Description: Royalty-free folklore from Peru: an andin folkloric instrumental music with atmospheric sounds of the Andes. With the use of Charango, Panflute, Cuica, Cajon / Yambu you get the typical sound of the Andes in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Description: Peruvian folcloristic andean instrumental - athmospheric instrumetal with andean ethnic instruments: charango, panflute, cuica drum, cajon / yambu. Typical sound of the andes in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. Pop version with synthesizers and drums.

Description: Joyful summer piece with latin motives. So fun it makes you dance! Great choice for videos about vacations, tropical counytirns, romantic movies, programs and commecrials. The track features drums, piano, bass, strings and percussion.

Description: A true Rumba with all the traditions and sounds of a Cuban percussion group. This is an aggressive, relentless track with a bongo solo throughout. All REAL instruments !!!

Description: Pop, folk, world, reggae, sunny, with the influences of Manu Chao, Sergeant Garcia to put light and a bit of summer in your projects.

Description: Beautiful Bossa Nova track that is just perfect for scenes at seaside, especially in romantic movies, projects about vacations and travelling. Drums, piano, bass and strings create romantic atmosphere of seaside date.

Description: World, Asian, Ethnic, Dark, Dreamy, Funny, Lalo Schifrin, Chimes, Traditional, Yearning, Reflective, Ethereal, Hypnotic, Moody, Mystery, Japanese, Chinese, Far East

Description: World, Latin, Ethnic, Dreamy, Light, Sexy, Underscore, Traditional, Ethereal, Hypnotic, Reflective, Moody, Romance